Haiclue – Fixing the first edition misprint

Unfortunately, some copies of Haiclue have a printing error. The words on one of the punchboards are misprinted. You should throw away these words, and I will send you replacement words. Below are instructions for throwing away the misprinted words:

If you have not yet punched out the pieces:

  1. Flip over the punchboards so that they are white side up. 
  2. Find the board with green squares and the word “dime” on it.
  3. On this board, punch out the squares and the circular point pieces, but throw away the words. These words are duplicates with other words in the game, and it will be confusing to keep them.

If you have already punched out the pieces:

Find and throw away the following word tiles:

White Side / Black Side:

  1. pro/proof
  2. starting/neck
  3. column/relief
  4. widow/tragedy
  5. search/camera
  6. regret/stroke
  7. bridge/cotton
  8. ballet/permit
  9. gather/main
  10. dime/electric
  11. teeth/majesty
  12. pool/raw
  13. lap/railroad
  14. helpful/raised
  15. detail/awake
  16. episode/weight
  17. grew/belly
  18. studied/group
  19. hail/identify
  20. defeat/prince
  21. religion/urgent
  22. jeep/tank
  23. rolling/visiting
  24. block/fetch
  25. mix/passing
  26. cancel/broad
  27. leading/bat